Wells Medicine – Treating Mental Health Conditions in Houston

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‘Whatever it Takes’ Guides Us

We’ve been at the forefront of innovative mental health care, specializing in ketamine infusions for treatment resistance depression, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD and other symptoms. We were one of the first clinics in Texas and we have been active in advancing the field with research papers and advocacy for patients as a founder and leader of the Ketamine Task Force. With over 11,000 infusions administered since 2015, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in many of our patients’ lives.

Evidence-Based Innovation for the Best-Possible Outcomes and Patient Care

We are expanding our services to truly offer “whatever it takes” to make a difference. We have been in this space long enough to understand that caring for patients is about caring for the whole patient and their circumstances and meeting them where they are at, it is about the set and setting of care and working with the patient’s team of mental health care providers too.

We started Wells Medicine to care for patients with treatments that work well and work fast. It’s a practice dedicated to a focus on medicine that matters – cutting-edge evidence-based medicine that is demonstrated to help people in need.


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– W L

“The long and short of it, is that Dr Wells is an excellent doctor. She genuinely cares. She is talented. And I’m always glad to see her.”

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– T C

“Ketamine treatments and Dr Wells saved my life. I am grateful for both. I’ve been able to turn a new chapter and make real strides in my life. Thank you!”

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– Y M

“I found Dr Wells after moving to Houston. I had experience with other clinics, but Dr Wells is a notch above. If you’re thinking of trying Dr Wells, I’d say ‘Yes. Do it!’ “

Wells Medicine for Houston and Beyond

We see patients from throughout Texas, and some who fly in from other states. We’re based in West Houston and serve the Greater Houston area including The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Galveston, Brazoria, and Baytown…

Innovative Treatments
Leading with ketamine infusions and including targeted blocks, infusions, inhalation treatments and other evidence-based procedures.

Holistic Approach
Focused on multiple modalities of care to address and sustain symptoms wherever possible – extending to the option of ongoing support.

Personalized Patient Care
Tailored treatments that consider the unique needs an circumstances of each patient.

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