Ketamine IV Infusion – for Psychiatric Symptoms

$ 380

40 minute active infusion
60 to 90 minute office visit
Patient needs a ride home

Ketamine IV Infusion – for Pain Conditions

$ 530

60 minute active infusion
90 to 120 minute office visit
Patient needs a ride home

Ketamine IM or Intranasal (Not Spravato) – for Psychiatric Conditions

$ 310

2 injections or sprays separated by 15 mintues
60 to 90 minute office visit
Patient needs a ride home

Ultrasound Guided Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB)

$ 550 per side

One side per visit separated by 2 or 3 days
60 to 90 minute office visit
Can drive your self home

Nitrous Oxide Treatment

$ 550

60 minutes 50% nitrous oxide 50% oxygen treatment
90 minute office visit
Can drive yourself home

Coming soon: Additional treatments and services

We are diligently working to expand treatments and services.

Concierge Direct Patient Care – Transparent Cash Pay Pricing

Simple, Clear, Patient-Focused

Direct Patient Care prioritizes the provider-patient relationship. Cash payments are accepted for transparent and straightforward transactions.

Direct Patient Care allows us to:
Dedicate more time and resources to your care
Provide appropriate care without direction or interference from insurance companies
Provide treatments not covered by insurance
Charge lower cost by reducing overhead and eliminating haggling with insurance

All costs are for the procedure or service provided. There are no specials, bulk discounts, or upcharges. Payment is charged at the time for service, for the service provided.

We do not bill or accept payment from insurance, medicare, or medicaid. For patients that wish to seek reimbursement directly from the their insurers, we will provide documentation for that purpose upon request.

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